Half day trip – Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle

Postojna cave

Postojna is know worldwide for its wonderful cave, which lies under the slopes of karstic plateau at the eastern edge of the Postojna Basin.

The visitours entrance stands behind the administrative building 1km nortwest of Postojna town centre. The cave-train departs through the Congres Hall. The lateral caves in this part bear the names of former guides who discovered them. The passage then splits in two main parts after which the passes by the high Cypres to the Curtain- a transparent and lustrous formation just a few milimetres thick,which was formed on a sloping wall by countless bilion precipitate-rich water drops.

By way of a natural bridge the train passes under the Great Mauntain –a 45 m high mound of stone – block, which fell from the ceiling and with time, became by a forest of stalactites. Visitors alight from the train here and proceed on foot along 500m long, stalactite – rich Snowy Hall – so called after the white calcareous sinter on its ceiling.

Here one passes by the lustrous Brilliant Stalagmite, symbol of the Postojna Cave.

Predjama Castle

Predjama Castle stands in the very nortwestern corner of the Postojna Basin.

High in the cliff, under the natural stone arch, from where a subterranean cavity opens up, stands the mighty Predjama Castle, like an eagles nest stuck to the rock. Behind this 16thc. Renassance building (built by the Kobencl family) one can find the remains of the older castle, ( late 13thc., possibly even earlier) which is situated in a large natural cavity closed-off by an external all. This old castle was the property of Luegger family; the last of their line was Erasmus resisted the year of the Emperor. Legend also relates, that Erasmus resisted the year- long siege laid by Ravbar, governor general of the Trieste province, because he could provide the necessary means of survival by way of a secret natural passage. The castle was only taken after an act of treason.


Price per peron, privat luxary car, half day trip.
The duratin of the excursion is approximate 5-6 hours.
The time of departure is an individal decision.
The price includes, transport, an English-speaking driver.
We do about kilometers 160 kilometers.

1 Person 2 Person 3 Person 4 Person 5 Person 6 Person 7 Person
160 €  160 € 160 € 160 € 260 € (van) 260 € (van) 260 € (van)

Price includes: organisation & transportation. The trip is possible for 7 people or more.