Day trip – Bled & Bohinj


This lakeside settlement is one of the oldest tourist centres in Slovenia. Lake Bled was created only about 14 000 years ago when waret flooded the depression left by receding glacier. Todey it is 2120 m long, betwen 500m and 1000m wide, and 31m deep. Its surface temperature in summer is 24C and it remains warm enough for swimming until the autumn, when the temperature is still above 18C. In colder winters the lake freezes.

Bled Castle
Bled Castle, located atop a solitary rock 139m above the lake, is one of the older historic monuments in Slovenia.

Hiking paths have been laid out around the lake and in its vicinity. There are swimming areas along the western shore of the lake and the north-ern shore, beneath the castle. A boat rental facility is also to be found beneath the castle.


Lake Bohinj lies at 525 m above sea level, and at 3,9 sqere km is the largest permanent lake in Slovenia. It is some 4100m long, 1200 wide and up to 45m deep and summer its water temperatures are in the region of 22 C.

Bohinj is one of Slovenians most typical alpine districts with particularly well-develop alpine grazing.


The clear lake is attractive to swimmers and boaters. Boats, canoes and kayaks may be hired the lakeside boathouses, both of which are accessible by road. Mountain bike riding is be respected.


1 Person 2 Person 3 Person 4 Person 5 Person 6 Person 7 Person
220 € 220 € 220 € 240 € 350 € (van) 350 € (van) 350 € (van)

PRICE INCLUDES: organisation & transportation. The trip is possible for 7 people or more.

– Vintgar Gorge 5€ / person
– Bled Castle 11€ / person
– Pletna boat ride 14€ / person
– Church of Assumption 6€ / person