What are cookies?
A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the web browser on your computer when you visit a website. With the help of cookies web-site interaction with the user is faster and easier. With their help, a website remembers users’ preferences and experiences, this way we save time and make browsing more efficient and enjoyable. There are many reasons why we use cookies. First is their ability to store information about the status of each website (language selection, number of hits displayed, font size, etc.). Also, it assists us at the implementation of online services (registration, shopping cart content, sign-up for e-newsletter, video watching, etc.), it helps us to collect information about habits of online users (number of visits, user-generated content, etc.). All these properties can help us to improve your users experience and also help us to evaluate the effectiveness of our website design. None of the cookies that we use on our sites, collect personally identifiable data. Because we want to be completely honest with you, we have compiled a list of all the cookies we use and reasons why we use them. Please note that by continuing to browse this site you agree with our use of the cookies described.

Which cookies are used on this site?

Strictly Necessary cookies
Cookies that help us to display the content properly. It enables functioning of forms and other elements of the website.
Such cookies are only active during duration of the session.

Google uses cookies to store popular user preferences, languages, number of displayed hits and values, hits displayed on Google Maps, and many other features and services of this online giant.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a web analytics service. It provides us with information about the behaviour of users on our site and so helps us to create a better user experience, to display more relevant content, etc. We are unable to personally identify you when analysing this information.
The life span of these cookies is up to 2 years.

How can I manage or delete cookies?
We will in not use cookies to collect your personally identifiable data, but nevertheless you can also change settings of your cookie usage on your computer or mobile browser.
Most modern browsers allow you to accept or reject all cookies, accept or reject only certain types of cookies, or set a warning that the site wants to store a cookie on your device. You can also delete cookies already stored by your browser on your device.
Please note that if cookies are turned off, all functionality of the web page may not work as effectively, a cookie alert will be displayed at every visit, and in the long run, this will negatively effect on your user experience.

The process of changing cookie settings differs in each browser. You can find more information about this with the »help« function, visit , where the procedure of all modern browsers is clearly explained, or contact us by e-mail.